Bicycle Beer Holder

Every now and then, but especially when I lived on Great George Street, I used to see a guy riding his bicycle down Sydney Street (the wrong way on a narrow one-way, mind you), carrying his case of beer in one hand and steering with the other. He could use this.

Someone has ingeniously re-purposed an urban bicycle polo mallet holder to act as the perfect 6-pack carrier for bikes.

But... urban bicycle polo, you say? What's that? I had no real idea, either, until I saw this.

In related news... this, of course, is not the first bike to move beer:
  • This one has it beat by age and volume.
  • This one takes the mini-cake with a sidecar.
  • This one wins for style and volume.
  • This one takes the overall title, for volume, population, and danger.
  • A simple Google search will reveal many more interesting examples of when beer and bicycles collide.