"Bro-in' Down With Your BFFs"

This blog, thus far, has not been a blog that deals with things like news about beer-related things; it's only been about beer reviews. Every now and then, though, I come across something worth sharing. Perhaps I should do it more often. So... without further adieu, I give you the "koozie" by Columbia: http://www.altrec.com/columbia/mens-koozie-hoodie

It is clothing made for drinking: a stain-resistant hoodie with drink-holder pockets and a sewn-on bottle opener. Sure, it looks pretty cool, and is perhaps even useful... but I don't know if I could ever buy this hoodie. Mostly, that's due to the description, which includes:
  • like wrapping yourself in an instant party
  • born for beer drinking and bro-in’ down with your BFFs (what man would say or write this?!)
  • (pockets to) safely stash your beverage while you high-five your buddies or hold hands with your lady
  • (don't worry) if you spill a little bit when you let excitement get the best of you at the end of a fierce foosball match
A gem of ad writing, to be sure.