Samuel Adams Octoberfest

I reviewed this one a while ago, but just never posted it. Now that it's seasonal again, and will be available at the beer fest tomorrow, let's finally have a look at it.

The colour of this Sam Adams seasonal beer is just about what I thought it would be - a rich, reddish brown. The head is not what I thought it would be - basically nothin'! Some bubbles formed on the pour, but they didn't last too long.

The smell has a nice, light hoppy / fruity character along with the expected malt sweetness. The mix of scents brings to mind the apple and candy coating of a candy apple... maybe with a bit of caramel. As it warms up, it takes on a bit of a bread pudding vibe.

Its flavours brings to mind things like toffee & candy. Each sip starts sweet and finishes with an exhale that is full and smooth / mellow. The aftertaste, I found, might be a bit too bright.

The body or overall feel is almost watery, but due to the finish isn't. It's light, but has a slight viscosity or slickness to it. Despite the lack of any head, the carbonation for it is fine (albeit a bit low). It's only slightly bitter.

Overall, a decent seasonal. It would be easy to have a few of these sometime, although I much preferred Garrison's.