Propeller London Style Porter

The porter style of beer was created in London around 1700, and is considered the world's first industrialized beer (hence the name). I first had this beer a while ago, but I decided it was time to revisit it for a new review & pic.

After an aggressive pour, the head is decent, albeit short-lived. It leaves next to no lacing on the way down. The beer is a very dark brown, with chestnut highlights around the edges.

It has a strong aroma - dark coffee, dark chocolate... it's a rich, roasted, and slightly sweet smell.

It tastes like a beer that has a higher alcohol content than 5%. There are traits about it that almost remind me of a stout or milk stout... sweetness, bitterness, almost a fruity tart quality.

The BJCP and World Beer Cup divide porters into two categories: "robust" and "medium". This would definitely be in the latter. For how it tastes and smells, I expect something with more body to it. The mouthfeel on this is fine, but thinner than I think it should be... or wanted it to be, I suppose. On the plus side, that makes it fairly sessionable.

Overall, a pretty good beer.


  1. Propeller Porter was definitely my favorite and most memorable beer from my honeymoon East in 2008. It takes great effort to import Propeller products into Manitoba, but I will taste that porter again.

  2. Propeller can definitely make some good stuff. My favourite Propeller memory is drinking water from their bottles on set when I got to be an extra on The Trailer Park Boys. Water in beer bottles on a show like that... who woulda thunk it? Thanks for commenting!

  3. This is one of my favorites.


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