Brakspear Oxford Gold

I'm busier than a one-legged man at an arse-kicking contest these days, but thankfully I have a few reviews saved up in the ol' archive. Here's one from September.

I think this is my first Brakspear brew. I'll have to check my list to be sure.

This English beer has a cloudy, deep honey colour. A little head disappears soon, leaving some lacing to the bottom.

The smell is good, but I liked the smell of it better from the bottle before I poured it. A bit of citrus and... graham cracker? That could be honey coming through, too.

The taste has just a hint of peppery spice, which is nice. A bit of citrus (grapefruit / more orange). It starts tasting a bit like a Sam Adams' Summer Ale as the bottle wears on.

The carbonation is a bit sharp if held in the mouth for a couple of seconds. On regular sips, it's fine. A bit of a bitter / dry finish. Not watery.

Overall, quite a drinkable beer.