Rogue Dead Guy Ale

What great review timing! I didn't even save this to review on Halloween on purpose.

The logo design was originally created as a tap sticker to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead (Nov. 1st). It was so well-liked, the brewery made it the permanent logo for this maibock-style beer that uses their own special "Pacman" ale yeast.

Dead Guy Ale has a colour akin to an IPA or amber ale... deep & honey-like. A hard pour will give lots of head that leaves foamy, spotty lacing.

It smells a bit like a weissbier. It has a smooth kind of smell to it... I pick out bits of banana, honey, wheat, and some spice... like clove or even nutmeg. It's a bit hoppy in its smell, but I think the malty traits smooth it out.

There is definitely a bit of spice in the taste, like clove and pepper, that almost gives the mouth a bit of a tingle. It has a creamy essence and taste... almost custard-like in that regard. Flavours of wheat, honey, maybe some dough, and toned-down malty sweetness (toffee/caramel) also play their part.

Feel-wise, it's smooth. The carbonation is fine... if anything, a little low, but I think it suits the smooth smell and taste. Some people complain it's a bit too bitter for them, but I don't pick that up from it.

Overall, a good beer. It kind of reminds me of Granite Brewery's "Peculiar". Not necessarily in taste, but in that it's hard to exactly peg or pigeon-hole it.