Kronenbourg 1664

This is actually my second Kronenbourg 1664, and my third Kronenbourg (based in Strasbourg) product, but my first time reviewing one. This one is actually available on PEI now. I recall 1664 being pretty good, so I had no problem testing it again.

This one looks pretty good. Very nice, clear, golden colour. I like how the head has a bit of foaminess to it, and isn't just bubbles without substance. The head lowers to just a few islands of white, with some sandy lacing (looks like I'm feeling poetic tonight).

The smell is fine. I find lagers rather plain in general, but for a lager, this is nice. No skunky smell. There's something almost fruity to it.

The taste is similar. It's fresh, and has something fruity about it, but only subtly so (no jokes about my writing on this one, please).

The feel of it is quite good, really. It's refreshing, with a slightly dry and even more slightly bitter finish.
This is a beer that's very easy to put away a fair amount of... it's quite drinkable.

For the record, the other two Kronenbourgs I've tried were Kronenbourg, and Kronenbourg Blanc, both in Paris. As far as I can recall, I like this one above both of those.